Redefine Your Garden

When you trust us with your garden we treat it with meticulous care. Watch your home transform before your eyes with solutions to meet YOUR need – luxurious, low maintenance, sustainable – YOU name it! Our friendly team will go above and beyond to make it happen.

What’s more, we take meeting your budget and deadlines seriously and will not have you pace your garden second guessing; and, you don’t need to worry about council guidelines – we ensure we stringently adhere to every single one of them. When we’re done, you will have a garden that will complement the appearance of your buildings beyond your wildest dreams.


Front Yard Landscaping Packages

Personalised front yard packages, lawns, artificial lawns, garden beds and plants, full reticulation installs, steppers.


Developer Packages

Front and rear yard packages for developers. 20 years experience in the trade. Over 10 years experience working with developers and home owners alike to deliver top tier landscaping and customer satisfaction.

We will coordinate work with electricians and plumbers as needed to organise site preparation.


Backyard Landscaping Packages

Personalised packages, lawns, artificial lawns, garden beds and plants, full reticulation installs, tailored to your liking.


“Matt and his team did a fantastic job! I had no idea what I wanted and had a very tight budget to work with but he was great at providing recommendations and the work was absolutely top class! Months later, my garden is flourishing beautifully.” 

Dinali     David

Managing Director, LemonApp

Dinali     David

Managing Director, LemonApp




We dress your garden up exactly the way YOU want it to look – Beautiful. Elegant. Wild. Riotous. It’s your garden, YOU get to decide.


Our experts are available for consultation – we work with you to help you decide on what you want.


We work within your budget and offer you solutions that will surprise you – value for money.


Our work is guaranteed to be of the highest quality standards and meets council guidelines on every count.



We maintain the highest standards of integrity in all our dealings and we take deadlines seriously.

We ensure that we meet all the council guidelines in the work we do.

Our team is approachable, friendly and we firmly believe in customer satisfaction.

While we offer our expert advice and guidance, our solutions are designed to meet YOUR objectives.

If we say we CAN, WE DO!

Sit back, relax and watch your garden dance for joy as we create your green dream for you.